Interactive apps

Choose from our 20 different apps to make your screens the center of interaction. Alternate your social media messages and combine them with (advertising)movies, advertisements, photos, live camera, Twitter voting, Prezi's or Youtube videos.


Using your LiveWall timeline you can choose what is displayed on your screen. Easily add, edit and swap items to create a personalized system.

Social media statistics

Besides showing all social media posts, LiveWall also collects all data from your social media channels. These stats give you an insight in your social stats including: The usage of social media channels, language, active users, topics, hashtags and a tagcloud.


Not all social media messages are overwhelmingly positive about your event, fair, or company. LiveWall divides your social media messages in positive or negative messages. This creates a clear view on what visitors think about your event, fair or company.

LiveWall Stream

In addition to displaying your social media content on your screens you can link your LiveWall to an online stream. Get your own LiveWall url, link it with your website or create a Facebook tab!

Plug & Play

The main advantage of LiveWall is the fact that you don't need special hardware to display your LiveWall. Enter your username and password to open your LiveWall account on a Mac/Laptop/PC and connect it to an external screen. The next step is clicking on "Open LiveWall" and your LiveWall starts running immediately.

LiveWall Filter

LiveWall is equipped with a standard filter, which filters invective words automatically. These messages will not appear on LiveWall. You can even select which messages will be displayed on screen by using our moderating system.